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Dr. med. Albert Peters

General & GI-Surgeon - Colorectal Surgeon

Dr. med. Albert Peters - Viszeralchirurg & Koloproktologe

A warm welcome private office of Dr. Peters in the heart of Munich

My name is Dr. med. Albert Peters and I would like to welcome you to the homepage of my office "Proctology Prinzregenten 121" in Munich. We are here for you in Munich for all health-related questions concerning intestinal health and offer you diagnostics and therapy according to the current state of science. I specialise in proctology, visceral surgery and pelvic floor surgery. Thank you for your interest in me and my services! Visit us in Munich's boulevard.

The microbiome as a totality of all microorganisms represented in the intestine is of great importance for a healthy organic and psychological well-being of every human being. High-quality diagnostics and customised microbiological therapy are helpful for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, for example. These and other topics of intestinal health you can discuss with us. We offer you the treatment that is individualised for you.


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Fellow of European Board of Surgery / Coloproctology (FEBS)

LOGO - Fellow of European Board of Surgery / Coloproctology (FEBS)

General & GI-Surgery

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Our competencies

Proctology & Colorectal Surgery

We are specialized in all diseases of the colon, rectum and hemorrhoid complex. Proktologie Prinzregenten offers conservative and surgical treatment for fissures, anal fistulas and similar disorders.

General & GI-Surgery

We treat diseases of the large intestine, rectum and diseases of the sphincter as well as reconstructions for injuries or defects. Proktologie Prinzregenten has special experience in implanting an artificial sphincter.

Pelvic floor

Malfunctions of the organs of the pelvis, organ prolapses of varying severity, complaints of prolapse: Proktologie Prinzregenten takes care of further clarification and ideal treatment. In the treatment of incontinence we have special experience with all available methods. Ask us and make an appointment.


Our aim is to treat diseases as gently and as little invasively as possible. Sometimes the surgical method is the safest and best option. If possible, this treatment will be carried out by us personally. So everything stays in one hand.

Nutritional advice

"You are what you eat ..." The influence of nutrition on body functions and general well-being is increasingly in focus. The Proktologie Prinzregenten helps you to find the inner center again.